Action Research Consulting (ARC) is a comprehensive and collaborative process for determining and implementing solutions to specific operational problems. The process employs a systematic and rigorous inquiry-based model to provide results for schools and districts facing important organizational culture shifts associated with one or more mission-critical goals or outcomes.

Delivered within the context of a flexible engagement model, these services utilize change theory, data-driven decision making and other validated concepts to help board members, administrators, teachers and support staff learn, understand and become skilled in the use of applied research to effectively address specific operational concerns.




Service features

Service benefits

Implementation options


  • Identification of the problem(s) or issue(s) to be investigated
  • Consensus building surrounding the reason(s) for the problem(s) or issue(s)
  • A research-supported solution plan for the identified problem(s) or issue(s)
  • Collection of relevant data and information
  • Evaluation of plan effectiveness against established metrics and recommendations for ongoing inquiry


  • Shift cultural paradigms in a way that embraces operational change as a process rather than as an event
  • Create or improve goal-focused, solutions-oriented collaboration among multiple stakeholder groups with the assistance of a neutral third party
  • Achieve “buy-in” among those employees most directly responsible for actively implementing solutions to the problems they deal with on a daily basis
  • Empower staff with the means to make more meaningful and engaged contributions to the mission of the school or district
  • Establish the scaffolding needed to implement data-driven decision making until “front-line” personnel are self-sustaining


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