Q: Why might my school or district be interested in ARC?

A: No matter what your role is, chances are that you have probably established expectations or made suggestions for improving school or district operations at some point in the past that only yielded superficial results at best. If so, you are not alone, since over 40% of all initiatives intended to achieve operational change fail to fully reach their intended goals or outcomes.

Effective operational change in 21st Century Schools is rarely accomplished by “one-off” policy changes, procedural updates, staff workshops or new curricula alone. Enterprise-level breakthroughs require enterprise-level plans for success.

Q: What are the key components of an enterprise-level plan for school success?

A: Because the demand for school accountability has never been greater, any initiative intended to produce meaningful operational change must:

  • Be implemented using an inquiry-based, data-driven model
  • Consider the need to achieve the defined goal(s) or outcome(s) incrementally
  • Rely upon research-supported strategies and/or resources
  • Identify and mitigate potential barriers to the success of the initiative in advance
  • Empower all key stakeholders to take command and ownership of the progress and direction of the agreed-upon solution(s)

Q: Why choose ARC?

A: As a national leader in the school reform process, UpSlope Solutions has partnered with nearly 800 school districts in their efforts to put accountability related research into practice since 2004.