Dr. David Braswell

img_contacts_braswellDr. David Braswell is a retired Arizona state senator, award-winning educator, education researcher, administrator, governing board member, and devoted husband of 31 years.

As a retired Arizona state senator, CEO & co-founder of UpSlope Solutions LLC, Braswell has more than 36 years of experience in educational practice and research. He has spent over two decades designing curriculum management software that has helped educators plan and focus on standards-driven curriculum management and research-based professional development programs. Educated at Western Carolina University, Braswell received a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1979, followed by a Master of Education in Administration in 1986. He completed his doctorate, Ed.D at Argosy University in Advance Educational Leadership in 2015. His dissertation validated the research he has done as a co-author of the UpSlope training materials and employee code of conduct design and implementation solutions developed by UpSlope.

He has held positions as a teacher, principal and chief school district administrator (superintendent) in Georgia, North Carolina, South Dakota, and New Mexico. Born in Robbinsville North Carolina near the Cherokee Qualla Boundary, Dr. Braswell spent more than ten years as chief school administrator with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. During his tenure, he served as one of six administrative negotiators representing the US Dept. of Interior in contract negotiations with the National Federation of Education Employees.

Braswell’s standards reform research and technology driven solutions have been made available worldwide through PLATO Learning Company, McREL, Mid-continent Research Education Lab, and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). His co-founded research-based Legal Issues & Risk Management professional development programs have been sold nationally through sponsorship agreements with state-to-state Administrator Associations in Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, West Virginia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont.

Dr. Braswell is the author, co-author, and/or co-designer of numerous instructional, curriculum and standards assessment management software systems that currently include UpSlope’s Risk Management in Education professional development series, the Employee Discipline Rubric investigation tool, the Employee Discipline Support Suite database and analytics application, and TeachMaster’s Polaris, Standards Toolkit, Standards Record Keeping & Reporting, Standards Reference Master, Standards Design Master, Standards Vocabulary Master, Standards Assessment Resource Library, and Standards Teaching Activities and Plans.

Senator Braswell resides in Phoenix, AZ with Rhonda, his wife of 31 years.