Staff conduct and productivity concerns are often found to be undermining school improvement or reform initiatives in buildings designated as persistently “underperforming” or “non- performing” by their respective state departments of education – and even in some otherwise “performing” schools struggling to demonstrate consistent year-over-year student achievement gains. When it comes to actually taking steps to address such issues, however, many school leaders feel as if they are caught between a rock and a hard place. (More…)

On one hand, education supervisors accept that they need to hold staff accountable for actions and behaviors that are inconsistent with the mission, vision, and goals of their school systems. On the other, they know that a sizeable number of the complaints brought against school systems across the country are raised by their own employees – many of whom allege some form of improper treatment by their administrations before, during, or after corrective or disciplinary actions.

The question is not whether school leaders can or should take action to address these types of issues, but how to do so proactively, effectively, and defensibly in a fair, reasonable, thoughtful, and consistent manner. RME Program #1: Employee Conduct offers a comprehensive, research-validated set of solutions to this problem.


“We believe these materials are consistent with, and complimentary to, our own efforts to help school districts and education professionals prevent losses and manage risk.”

Michael Tiffany
Arizona Risk Retention Trust

“UpSlope helped us develop employee discipline guidelines and regulations tailor-made for our district after having trained all of our administrators and supervisors in employee management techniques. I watched as their approach to the management of conduct issues changed from punitive to more consistent and fair. Our documentation is now aligned with district policies, state and federal law, and we know where our focus will be for future policy development.”

R. Harris
Assistant Superintendent
Parkersburg, WV