Employee Code of Conduct State Versions


Employee Code of Conduct (ECOC-STATE) is a state-specific employee code of conduct development and maintenance package that reduces the labor intensiveness involved with maintaining a proactive approach to employee conduct-related risk management. This comprehensive, research-based resource provides a wealth of best practices for creating a proactive, effective, and defensible employee accountability framework and is aligned to conduct-related federal laws and implementing regulations, state statutes and implementing regulations, professional ethics standards (where applicable), school or district policies, and collective bargaining agreements (where applicable).

Delivered on the web within RME Online, ECOC-STATE contains all of the resources needed to develop customized employee code of conduct administrative guidelines and regulations specific to the needs of your school system. Customization and onsite development facilitation services are also available for this product.


“Upslope helped us develop an Employee Code of Conduct that promotes to the staff and the community our ethical commitment to maintain a safe and supportive work environment throughout our district. Their model brought a district team together to collaboratively develop our Employee Code of Conduct to ensure that all behavior modification is fairly, reasonably, thoughtfully, and consistently applied. This has provided our staff with a feeling of confidence in how they will be treated.”

K. Fields
Nicholasville, KY

“I truly believe this program will allow us to become even better which truly excites me as a board member, and more importantly, as a parent in the district!”

J. Beidelschies
Board Member
Bascom, OH

Product features

Product benefits

Implementation options

  • Specifically designed guidelines and templates for each state
  • Comprehensive frameworks for creating the school or district employee accountability systems
  • Matrices designed to establish reasonable and appropriate disciplinary actions based on level of misconduct
  • Decision Support Rubric (DSR-STATE)© to aid in the identification of aggravating and mitigating circumstances
  • Documentation examples for the most common disciplinary actions

  • Aligns disciplinary workflows to federal law, state statute and district policy
  • Helps reduce discipline-related grievances or complaints of unfair labor practices
  • Manages misconduct situations in a consistent, equitable, and reasonable manner
  • Enforces high standards of ethical conduct for employees of all classifications
  • Minimizes employee conduct issues to maximize student achievement