Employee Decision Support Rubric – State


Employee Decision Support Rubric-State© (EDSR-STATE) editions are research-supported program monitoring solutions for supervisors, human resources departments, and school systems seeking to ensure that disciplinary actions are taken in accordance with established guidelines. This powerful, yet user-friendly resource streamlines the disciplinary decision-making process with an innovative case assessment instrument that aids in the identification and evaluation of aggravating and mitigating circumstances before decisions to act (or not to act) are reached.

Delivered on the web within RME Online, EDSR-STATE editions equip administrators and supervisors with the means to quickly and accurately arrive at reasonable and appropriate disciplinary case decisions. Optional team facilitation and customization services are available for this product.


“I have found the progressive discipline rubrics invaluable and have been using them to “check” my evaluative skills regarding various discipline measures already made (and to be made) and have been very pleased that I have been on target. I greatly appreciate using algorithms as support especially when each criterion is clearly and objectively worth consideration.”

A. Hanson, Ed.D.
Classified Relations Administrator
Scottsdale, AZ

“This is a great tool to help administrators to understand the process and make consistent and sound decisions about disciplining employees. “

D.R. Shumway, Esq.
In-House Counsel
Glendale, AZ

Product features

Product benefits

Implementation options

  • Douglas Factor-style case assessments relevant to the public education environment
  • Visual decision support tools to guide users
  • User level disciplinary event logging with copies sent directly to inboxes
  • School system level event surveillance (optional)
  • Accessible on any web-enabled device
  • Guides supervisor evaluation of the impact of aggravating and mitigating circumstances on disciplinary decisions
  • Improves inter-rater reliability and decision consistency across the school system
  • Enhances supervisor productivity by reducing average disciplinary case management time
  • Permits review of pending disciplinary decisions or coaching of newer supervisors from your desktop or device
  • Aids in the identification and correction of potentially ineffective or risky disciplinary practices or trends