Employee Discipline Support Suite State Versions


Employee Discipline Support Suite (EDSS-STATE) is a powerful, yet user-friendly disciplinary event logging, tracking and monitoring system for school districts and charters. This research-supported application is designed to ensure that every disciplinary action is implemented in accordance with federal laws and implementing regulations, state statutes and implementing regulations, professional ethics standards (where applicable), school or district policies, and negotiated agreements (where applicable).

Available on CD in MS Access1 format, EDSS-STATE empowers disciplinary decision makers with a cache of tools needed to interact with the school or district employee code of conduct and to analyze disciplinary data in real time. Customization and onsite staff development services are also available for this product.


“I have found the progressive discipline rubrics invaluable and have been using them to “check” my evaluative skills regarding various discipline measures already made (and to be made) and have been very pleased that I have been on target. I greatly appreciate using algorithms as support especially when each criterion is clearly and objectively worth consideration.”

A. Hanson, Ed.D.
Classified Relations Administrator
Scottsdale, AZ

Product features

Product benefits

Implementation options

  • Integrated Human Resource Management System (HRMS) platform
  • Employee code of conduct, progressive discipline and supervisory relationship maintenance tools
  • Digital Official Personnel Files (OPFs) and Unofficial Supervisor Files (USFs)
  • Aggravating and mitigating factors-based disciplinary event logging
  • Multi-level event and supervisor performance reporting

  • Standardizes case management workflows within a discipline-supporting HRMS with a surprisingly low total cost of ownership
  • Grants or restricts access to sensitive data on a “need to know” basis within your secure network
  • Permits review of pending disciplinary decisions or coaching of newer supervisors from your desktop
  • Improves supervisor productivity by minimizing average disciplinary case management time
  • Aids in the identification and correction of potentially ineffective or risky disciplinary trends
  • Provides detailed monitoring of disciplinary event activity across the school system
  • Digitizes disciplinary and other HR records in compliance with state environmental laws or board policies (where applicable)

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