Special Education Guidelines (SEG-STATE) is a location-specific regulatory compliance package that reduces the labor intensiveness involved with ensuring that every student receives a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). This comprehensive, research-supported resource is aligned to special education-related federal laws and state statutes and provides a wealth of best practices for maintaining an effective and defensible special education program.

Delivered on the web within RME Online, SEG-STATE contains all of the resources needed to conduct a 360 degree “intake to exit” quality assurance review of school or district special education administrative guidelines. Customization and onsite staff development services are also available for this product.


“I am impressed!”

L. Nixon
Special Ed Supervisor
Columbia, TN

Product features

Product benefits

Implementation options

  • Specifically designed guidelines and templates for each state
  • Implementation support tools for creating or updating special education workflows using federal and state standards
  • Task-linked catalogue of documentation examples to help district administrators, IEP Team members and teachers properly deliver special education and related services

  • Communicates a common understanding of the school or district special education process among all stakeholder groups
  • Aids in statutory compliance before, during and after service delivery with pre-loaded cross-references to federal and state law
  • Helps identify potentially ineffective or indefensible service delivery practices
  • Addresses past allegations of unreasonable, unfair or inconsistent service delivery/denial
  • Provides clear procedural workflows, case evaluation considerations and decision support to “front line” staff