Student Code of Conduct (SCOC-STATE) is a state-specific student code of conduct development and maintenance package that reduces the labor intensiveness involved with maintaining a Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)-compatible approach to student behavior management. This comprehensive, research-supported resource is aligned to conduct-related federal and state laws and implementing regulations, and provides a wealth of best practices for creating an effective and defensible student behavior management framework.

Delivered on the web within RME Online, SCOC-STATE contains all of the resources needed to develop student code of conduct administrative guidelines and regulations specific to the needs of your school or district. Customization and onsite staff development services are also available for this product.


“Since the student code of conduct was first implemented, we have witnessed our campus safety, school climate, and student achievement all improve. Our staff are now “on the same page” when managing student behavior and use behavioral supports and interventions effectively.”

D. Dennison
San Carlos AZ

Product features

Product benefits

Implementation options

  • Specifically designed guidelines and templates for each state
  • Dozens of high quality components and examples for promoting safe and positive behavior management in 21st Century Schools
  • Flexible matrices for integrating a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) within a reasonable and appropriate behavior management regimen
  • Integrated support for exceptional student concerns
  • Decision support rubrics to aid in the identification of aggravating and mitigating circumstances

  • Supports higher student achievement by addressing school climate and campus safety concerns
  • Addresses ineffective or indefensible behavior management practices or past allegations of exclusionary disciplinary practices
  • Creates a single comprehensive “game plan” for preventing misconduct and managing inappropriate or unacceptable behaviors more positively
  • Aids in statutory compliance for IDEA/Section 504/ADA students in cases involving student misconduct
  • Re-vitalizes the school or district student handbook